Top 3 Best AI Tools to Convert Image to Audio in 2024

Have you ever desired a picture that could tell you a story? You have looked at pictures and Well, be ready since technology is matching your fantasy. These days, artificial intelligence capabilities are developing that might create a realistic audio experience from a picture. These technologies are pushing boundaries from creating a cartoon figure alive with a voice to describing a beautiful scene. Let’s examine the top three choices to convert Image to audio in 2024 to discover how they could release the hidden voices in your visuals.

Key Features of Image to Audio Converter

Accessibility: To convert images to sound improves better understanding for people with impaired vision.

Effectiveness: When visuals are converted to audio, people may immediately understand information without having to look up it, which is very useful when performing several tasks.

Easy to use: Optical character recognition technology can now easily convert images to sound and web page screenshots into audio documents that can be played on various devices. 

Communication skills: Pronouncing the text directly from a photograph can help individuals with understanding and fluency.

Reliability: optical character recognition (OCR) enables people to convert images to audio, including screenshots of websites, written notes, and photos of files.

Space: To make sharing and storing picture text quicker users can convert it into smaller, better-quality MP3 audio files.

Immediate Conversion: Visitors won’t have to wait around thanks to rapid translation.


Speechify is a text-to-speech tool that allows individuals to submit pictures, HTML-based files, web pages, documents, and other content. The application reads text loudly and extracts it into realistic sounds, quite easy for the image to audio converter. Speechify can help you, whether you’re an undergraduate trying to study for an exam or an office worker who needs to access your knowledge on the move. Beyond graphics, Speechify can transform any virtual or physical text into an audio sensation. This includes web pages, articles, social media postings, educational materials, e-mails, and a large number of other digital and physical materials.

image to sound converter
  • You can pick up right where you stopped off listening on any of your devices thanks to Speechify’s seamless library synchronization.
  • Speechify users can submit text in over 20 different languages. The ability to build a complete learning environment is a huge selling point for Speechify among language learners.
  • Do not worry if you are doubtful whether a Speechify membership will meet your requirements. You may test out the software without spending a dime to see whether it meets your requirements.

How to Convert Image to Audio Step by Step

  1. To start using Speechify, you may either go to the website, add the Chrome extension, or download the application from the App Store or Play Store for your operating system.
  2. Choose File for the image to audio converter, either click the “Upload File” button and choose the file containing the text, or take a picture of the text instantly.
  3. Detection of words: The app’s optical character recognition (OCR) technology will analyze the picture, identify the content, and convert it to audio.
  4. Speechify’s image processing employs voice integration to transform the identified text into audio material.
  5.  Either play the audio or download it to your PC as an MP3 file for listening without an internet connection.


Aspose is intended to provide users with more control over their applications, Aspose is more than just an image-to-audio converter. Imagine it as a multi-purpose tool for processing records, with several gears for various tasks. Although its main objective is to convert images to audio, Aspose OCR’s real strength is in the wide variety of texts it can analyze. So, Aspose offers everything you need to make your progress fantasies come true. 

convert image to sound
  • The OCR (optical character recognition) technology effectively extracts text from photos in a variety of formats, including PNG, JPG, TIFF, and BMP.
  • Texts-to-Speech (TTS): Utilises many languages and voices to convert the text into audio that sounds realistic.
  • Personalization includes switching between many voices, changing the reading tempo, and adding audio effects.
  • Quickly and easily transform many images to audio files all at once using batch processing.
  • Aspose OCR is an API that programmers may use to automate image-to-audio converting procedures.

How to Convert Image to Audio Step by Step

  1. To start using Aspose, you can go to their website
  2. To convert an image to text, either click the “Browse File” button and choose the file containing the text, or take a picture of the text instantly
  3. Extract words from a photo by using optical character recognition (OCR).
  4. Select the TTS parameters and Set up speech-to-text features including language.
  5. Change to audio format: With the text that has been successfully extracted and the TTS parameters that have been chosen, start the audio converting process
  6. Pick now to save the produced audio file to the device’s hard drive or instantly stream it.

Online Converter

You can utilize this IMAGE to Audio converter to change your file format from the Joint Photographic Experts Group’s JFIF to MPEG Layer 3 Audio.

  • No need to install any software: You can use the converter without downloading anything or going through any complicated setup processes all you need is a web browser.
  • Versatile Platforms: Gain access to the converter’s site from every device that has a web browser.
  • Efficient user interface: Users of all technical skill levels will find the converting procedure to be as quite easy
photo to audio converter

How to Convert Image to Audio Step by Step

  1. Select the picture you are interested in converting.
  2. Modify the size or quality (optional)
  3. To change your file type from IMAGE to Audio Converter, click the “Start conversions” button.
  4. Download the audio file 


Image-to-audio conversion opportunities will only become deeper as artificial intelligence technology develops. Imagine providing instructional audio explanations for visually challenged viewers or soundscapes that exactly convey the feel of a picture. Though they are still under development, these tools have great promise for teachers, artists, and everyone else looking to revitalize their images. Thanks to the power of AI-powered audio, you may be amazed by the tales your images may reveal with a little investigation.


The process of transforming a picture into audio may be easily accomplished by using OCR (optical character recognition) software.

  1. Upload a picture. Feel free to use your camera or paste the URL of an existing photograph to upload it.
  2. Get the proceedings shaping on recognition. The picture may be interpreted by clicking the “Recognise” option.
  3. Please be patient. while the image’s text is retrieved.
  1. To convert text to speech, just enter your script into our online converter.
  2. Choose a native AI speaker who speaks your language.
  3. Choose the file type into MP3.
  4. Convert written words into audible ones.
  5. Use the MP3 format to store the music on your hard drive.

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