Extract Audio from Instagram Video Top 3 Easy Ways

Instagram Video

You have stumbled across a trending Instagram trend featuring audio you’d like to apply for your clips, but you’re not sure a way to download it for use. You can extract audio from Instagram video to use later or to make use of in another clip.

Instagram currently enables you to store audio in the application or use another person’s by looking for it, but what happens if you would like to save audio from Insta as a file in MP3 format for editing into a future video?

You can extract music from Instagram reels by using these easy and quick ways.

Extract Audio from Instagram Video Using Online Tool

To extract audio from Instagram video or to download the audio of that video, Just copy the clip’s URL and enter it into the search box on this site named insta.savetube.me. Then, hit the button to save Instagram video’s mp3 sound 

Instagram has become one of the world’s most famous short video creation platforms, with thousands of users posting reels from which the majority want to put certain music in their reels. You can turn videos into audio files or obtain the audio from a clip via a link with this method. 

Extract Audio from Instagram Video

Extract Audio from Instagram Video With an Audio Converter

Complete the instructions below to obtain Instagram Reels sound using this way.

  1. Select the Reel you wish to save. 
  2. Save the video to your mobile device. In order to do so, repeat the previous step, Hit the paper airplane Share symbol on the right side. But this moment, you’ll click Add to story.
  3. To save the clip to your smartphone, click the three-dot symbol, then select Save.
Audio Converter
  1. Make a music file out of the clip. You may either transfer the footage file to your desktop or laptop or install an application for your mobile device to convert it. But, I’ll recommend you to open a browser and simply search for video to MP3 converters online. Choose anyone and upload the file. I have also suggested some converters below. You can click the link and directly enter the site.
  2. Upload your file and then simply click on convert and download the converted file.

Extract Audio from Instagram Video By File Extension Method

This third technique is ideal regardless of whether you have an Android smartphone or a desktop computer. It includes changing the file name at the very end of the video to convert it. This effectively changes the file type from video to MP3.

Relax if this looks quite too technical for your level of computer knowledge; it’s a lot simpler than it looks. 

  • Just select the file and click the rename button.
  • Then, change .Mp4 at the end of the name of the file with .Mp3.
  • After that hit the save button.
Convert Instagram Reel to Audio

Bonus Tip of Android and IOS Users

There are many options for changing a video clip to sound, but these are some of the most basic and straightforward ones. Android users can use a third-party app like Vidmate or Snaptube to save any reel in any format video or audio. iPhone users can use Instasave as a third-party application. After installing one of these apps. You just have to click on share on the reel that you want to save and then select the installed application. A pop-up tab with different formats for Mp4 and Mp3 will open automatically. After this, you may choose whatever format you wish to obtain the video in.

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Yes, you can easily extract audio from the clip by using any of the methods mentioned in this article.

Simply, copy the link of the reel and paste it into any online Instagram reel audio downloader. For step-by-step details read this article.


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