Is Crypto Mining Dead in 2024? With Proof and Fresh Surveys

Crypto Mining

For years, rumors of “crypto mining death” have been going around the internet, driven by changing environments and new technologies. Before you start to feel sad about the end of your digital gold rush, let’s face it: crypto mining isn’t dead, but it has changed.

So, put on your “metaphorical hardhat” and come with us as we look at the present, guess the future, and decide Is crypto mining dead? Let’s discuss if crypto mining is a phoenix rising from the ashes or just a flicker in the dark with solid evidence and surveys.

Is Crypto Mining Dead? Evidence & Backing

After researching and reading surveys. I have gathered the evidence and backing for the question Is Crypto Mining Dead?

Hash rate growth

Even though there are worries, the world Bitcoin hash rate, which is a measure of mining power, keeps going up, which means that mining is still going on.

New players

New coins like Chia and Ethereum Classic use different methods (Proof-of-Stake) to reward miners, but they still do so.

Improvements in Hardware

specialized ASIC miners are still working well, and newer models look like they will be even better.

2023 Surveys on Question Is Crypto Mining Dead?

News stories may scream “crypto mining death,” but two new surveys show a deeper picture. – 64% of Global Crypto Experts Believe Bitcoin Mining Will Be Profitable in 2024

  • Who Participated: In Q4 2023, 38 world experts in fintech and cryptocurrencies took part in this poll.
  • Key Finding: Most people (64%) think that mining Bitcoin will still be useful in 2024, which means that there will be action and the possibility of value.

Possible Interpretations

  • Hope for Efficiency: Experts may think that mining gear and methods will get better, which will make it more rewarding.
  • Focus on Niche Markets: They thought that miners might switch to coins that aren’t as cutthroat and have easy payouts.
  • Expectation of Price Changes: They may think that as Bitcoin prices rise, mine costs will go down.
  • Limited Scope: It’s important to keep in mind that this poll only shows the views of a small group and doesn’t promise real profits.

Cointelegraph – 42% of Respondents See Mining Remaining Relevant Beyond PoS Transitions

  • Who Participated:  A wider range of people answered this online poll, but we don’t have information on individual groups.
  • Important Find: 42% of those who answered think mining will still be important after big coins like Ethereum switch to Proof-of-Stake (PoS).

Possible Interpretations

  • Diversification and Niche Coins: People who answered the survey may think that mining will end up becoming less competitive as more coins don’t use Proof of Stake.
  • Specialization and Innovation: They thought that mining gear and methods that were specifically made for PoW coins would start to appear.
  • Hybrid Models: Maybe they think that blend models that combine PoS and mining could be made.
  • Unrealistic Optimism: It’s important to think about who is in the group and how it might be biased.

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Is Crypto Mining Dead

Should You Start Crypto Mining in 2024?

So, now you know Is crypto mining dead or not. The next question is should you start crypto mining? It is possible but:


It’s getting harder for individual miners to mine famous coins like Bitcoin because there is a lot of competition and the hardware needs to be very specific.


Your earnings may be small or nonexistent, depending on how much electricity you use and the coin you choose.


Think about cloud mining (renting mining power) or coins that aren’t as popular.

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Possible Problems You Might Face in Crypto Mining 

Volatile market:

Crypto rates change all the time, which makes it harder to make money mining.


Governments could make mines more closely regulated, which would have an effect on activities.

Concerns about the Environment

using too much energy are still a big problem that needs technological answers.

The Future of Crypto Mining

  • Changing the landscape: Some big coins adopting PoS could make them less reliant on standard mining.
  • Specialization: Mining might become more specialized, focused on smaller coins that aren’t as popular.
  • Sustainable Solutions: Adding renewable energy and making gear more efficient are very important.

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 Future of Crypto Mining

Most Asked Questions

It depends on a lot of things, like the coin you pick, your tools, and how much power costs. Before you buy, do some study.

Not always, but it’s important to start small and know the risks. You might want to join a mining pool or look into other options, such as cloud mining.

Yes, using too much energy is a problem. Look for mining companies that are committed to using clean energy.

Not all the time. PoS might not work for all coins, and new models that combine PoS and mining might appear.

Think of it as a risky bet that won’t pay off. Diversify your investments and be careful when you do it.

Final Words on Is Crypto Mining Dead

Crypto mining is still going strong, even though things have changed. There are both new opportunities and obstacles. Study the risks, know what they are, and be ready for how the environment is changing. Remember that the tool might surprise you in the world of crypto, whether you’re an experienced miner or just starting out.


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