Which is the Best Paraphrasing Tool to Avoid AI Detection?

Ever been tempted to change a piece of writing so that the original meaning remains clear? In these kinds of circumstances, paraphrasing tools are literally life-saving as they enable you to rewrite words or paragraphs in an original manner. The problem is that sometimes you could like the paraphrased material to be undetectable for AI plagiarism detectors.  This may be for chores like compiling original content versions for SEO needs or summarizing research papers for presentations. 

Therefore, the issue becomes: which paraphrasing method rules supreme in the art of creating human-quality, artificial intelligence-undetectable paraphrases?  We will explore the best paraphrasing tool to avoid AI detection, examining their advantages and disadvantages to enable you to choose the tool that is most suited for your paraphrase requirements – with particular attention on outsmarting AI detection.


Look no further if you are in need of a top paraphrase and summary tool There is no doubt about QuillBot’s efficiency as one of the most widely utilized paraphraser and summarizer. A high-quality tool, QuillBot rewrites material using powerful AI.

Whatever your writing style preference may be improving grammar, adding flair, or changing the tone QuillBot can do it all while remaining true to your voice. You may paraphrase your work without using several tabs by using this application.

Use QuillBot as an extension for Chrome if you use Google Documents. The free QuillBot version just allows you to summarize words and count how many you can paraphrase Conversely, the premium edition boasts many more benefits, a summarizing ability spanning up to 6,000 words, and unlimited paraphrasing ability.

You can be certain that the summary that QuillBot generates is original since it includes an in-built plagiarism checker. 

paraphrase and summary tool


  • You can only summarise 1200 words in the free version, so it won’t cut it for longer papers. 
  • Paraphrase as much material as you want using the free version, but don’t exceed 125 words. Because of this, you are limited to paraphrasing shorter passages of text at a time.
  • Their premium plans start from $4.17 per month to so on.

Jasper AI

A modern AI system, Jasper AI paraphrasing summarizing tool specializes in understanding and processing natural language. Its main goal is to mimic human writing style, provide correct answers to queries, and carry on natural discussions in limited settings. Jasper AI stands out from other technologies because it can intelligently rewrite sentences. Jasper AI is able to understand nuanced material and restate it accurately because of these qualities. Content producers, authors, and anybody else aiming to improve the clarity and originality of their work will find this capability very helpful.

Jasper AI is accessible to everyone, but it will be most useful for huge content marketing teams who require a lot of content production each month or for really prolific marketers, copywriters, and bloggers who have an exceptionally high demand for material each month.

paraphraser and summarizer
  • For text optimization, Jasper offers built-in surfing SEO integrations. 
  • Jasper is great for newcomers because of its intuitive UI. 
  • 7 days trial. 


  • A free plan is not available from Jasper. 
  • It provides less precise summaries of technical subjects. 
  • Businesses just starting out may not have the capital to invest in this paraphraser summarizer because its pricing starts from $49 per month. 

Word AI

WordAi is an AI-powered summarizer and paraphraser that attempts to produce writing that sounds natural. To generate top-notch literature, it employs advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence methods to comprehend language, syntax, and context. Among WordAi’s standout features is its capacity to understand context and generate cohesive, contextually relevant material. Users are able to tailor WordAi’s output to their exact specifications because of the several paraphrase types it offers. Whether you’re writing for fun or for a career, these modes will help you create material that is both readable and search engine optimized.

According to WordAi paraphrasing and summarizing tool, their rephrased text is 100% original and won’t be flagged by AI text Detector. A wide variety of content development needs may be met by using WordAi because of its adaptability.

paraphraser summarizer
  • Paraphrasing creative, high-quality text in a hurry? WordAi can do it like a person. Perfect for marketers and content creators.


  • Only a 3-day free trial and an expensive $57 per month membership.
  • Not accurate in plagiarism as they claim.


Using GPT-3.5 and GPT4 32K, Writesonic is a paraphrasing and summarizing tool free modern AI writing tool. It asserts a tenfold acceleration in content generation pace. The platform runs on the cloud and uses AI to do things like respond to your questions with useful information, translate across languages, and create a wide range of creative material. With a single click, you may use Writesonic’s paraphrasing and summarizing tool to recreate whole articles, paragraphs, essays, and even phrases without plagiarising a word.

Paraphrasing or rephrasing thousands of phrases, paragraphs, papers, or essays is a breeze using Writesonic’s bulk upload option. The process takes seconds. It’s a great tool for people or companies that want to paraphrase text easily and fast. If you often develop text-based material for your company, or if you’re just a content writer, Writesonic can help you create a lot of compelling content quickly and easily.

paraphrasing and summarizing tool free
  • Ten thousand words per month are included in the free trial.
  • You can get infinite words with the $20/month unlimited version. 
  • Starting at $19/month for 33,333 words, with the option to upgrade to a greater word limit, the business plan covers all services, including access to ChatGPT 4.


Artificial intelligence is used in the internet software Paragraph.io to creatively rephrase content while maintaining its original meaning. Paragraphs.io is also a terrific tool to help you make your work more intelligible and clear without thinking about plagiarism. Students and researchers among other academics who need help with paraphrasing and summarizing will find great benefit from this.

If you are looking for a simple way to improve the clarity and readability of your writing without using any additional features, Paraphraser.io is a great alternative to consider.

paraphrasing summarizing tool
  • If you are a writer, student, or professional looking to rewrite text for whatever reason, Paraphraser.io is the tool for you.
  • With Paraphraser.io, you may utilize their free version for up to 600 words in basic settings like Standard and Fluency. 
  • Paraphrase up to 1500 words each month with access to all techniques (Creative, Smarter, and Shorten) and a monthly subscription starting at $20.

Final Words on Paraphrasing and Summarizing Tool

At last, as a content writer, I will personally recommend using Quilbot. Quilbot will satisfy most of the people and their needs. It offers a free decent plan so you don’t have to pay for it. But, the most amazing part is that you can edit the content in it and it gives you a large amount of synonymous vocabulary in multiple languages. Plus Quilbot have a mode called “Natural” which rephrase the text like a human and no AI detection tool like gptzero can detect it. But, the choice is yours this was my personal opinion. You can choose any paraphrasing and summarizing tool as per your need.


One useful tool for online writing is Quillbot. It works in tandem with your web browser to let you summarise, paraphrase, and verify the grammar of anything you find online, including emails, social media postings, and documents. Additionally, it guarantees that your content is flawless and well-presented online.

Spinbot provides users with a straightforward and uncomplicated interface, facilitating the rapid paraphrasing of their content. Nevertheless, the absence of sophisticated functionalities might restrict its attractiveness to writers in search of greater personalization possibilities. Quillbot enhances the overall user experience through the provision of various writing modes.

In general, though, if you take a text made by ChatGPT and run it via Quillbot, the result may continue to show up as copied on a plagiarism tool.

We highly suggest QuillBot if you need a tool for rewriting, whether it’s for schoolwork or just for fun. This strong tool has a lot of features and complicated options that make it easy to paraphrase material.

Almost every fundamental feature is accessible without charge.  To access additional and advanced features, such as unlimited word paraphrasing and creative writing, you must purchase the paid version.

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