Top 5 Free Realistic Image Generator in 2024

Realistic image generators are in huge demand after AI enters the world. But most of these are paid which affects a large number of audience who are not professional and don’t want to purchase the tool for their few images. We have collected the data and user experience from a variety of AI generators that claim to create realistic images. By analyzing the data we selected these five tools which were at the top of the list. This list below is in random order because each generator has its own specific specialty. So read their details to select which one suits you the best.

Note: These tools are not completely free to use but they provide free credits daily that you can use to create up to 20 images a day. I think its enough images on a daily base for a normal user unless you are professional and want to create more than 20 images daily. 


1- Leonardo. AI

This is the one that I personally use because it provides a lot of advanced features for free. It gives you 150 credits daily. The number of credits an image takes varies with many factors like how many images you want for the prompt, image size, and many more factors.


  • You can generate images in any dimensions you want.
  • You can choose the contrast ratio for the image.
  • Generate an image with a transparent background if required.
  • Choose the image length and width as you want.
  • Tiling which is ideal for repeating textures or backgrounds.


  • Limited credits.
  • A maximum of two images can be generated at a time in the free version.
  • Many advanced features are restricted
Leonardo ai

2- Bing or Copilot

Bing, Microsoft’s online search engine now includes a Picture Creator powered by DALLE-2. To access the Image Creator feature, you must first create an absolutely free Microsoft account.

Customers just click “Create” after entering the prompt, and a sequence of four photos is created. Although the customer’s UI is sleek and easy to understand, the picture Creator itself has fewer customizing choices. Customers who want to edit the photos further must use a separate artificial intelligence creator or modify the picture manually.

  • The best thing about this artificial intelligence creator is that anyone can use it from the same location as you may visit Bing Chat. While Bing has a website where you are able to use the Picture Generator, if you’ve got access to Bing Chat, then can simply ask it to generate a picture there. To acquire your pictures, just tell Bing Chat to create whatever suggestion you like. 
  • This tool is really useful since it allows you to meet all of the image-generation and AI-talking demands in one location. This makes things like organizing a party easier since one can instruct the chatbot to develop themes for the event and afterward tell it to generate photos that correspond to the theme.


  • The main disadvantage of this tool is that it creates images in only one dimension ( 1024* 1024 ).
  • Limited Credits
  • Create images that look more like animated not realistic images.

Price: Free

Bing ai image generator

3- Canva AI Image Generator

Canva’s artificial intelligence Image Creator is one of the best AI art generators that acts as an artwork Swiss Army knife. It has a slew of options, ranging from pre-designed themes to bespoke color schemes. Consider having an online artist at your disposal. You enter your thoughts, and presto. They claim to have created a masterpiece.

So, is Canva AI Image Creator the best solution to your creative requirements? Most people say yes, but like every instrument, it has advantages and disadvantages. Examine each cautiously, and you may just discover your perfect design bestie.

  • Time-Saving: Why waste your time when you can complete the task in moments? People, time is money.
  • Great Quality: The AI guarantees that you always obtain high-quality results. There will be an end to pixelated conditions.
  • Full Customization: You have complete control over everything from designs to filters.
  • Simple to Use: The Canva AI Picture Creator is as simple to use as browsing through your feed on social media.


  • While it is a free tool, the excellent stuff is not free.
  • It’s simple to use, but it’s not perfect. You may require a lesson or two.

Price: Free


4- NightCafe

NightCafe is an artificial intelligence image creator created for creatives. The tool is community-focused, with a huge number of frequent users and periodic creative challenges. NightCafe has a unique characteristic in that you may play with numerous artificial intelligence algorithms, such as Stable Diffusion DALL-E 2, and others, in just one spot.

Users must establish a free profile with NightCafe for the purpose of viewing the created image. After the picture is formed, customers are presented with further image design choices and the ability to change the quantity of photos generated.

The UI of NightCafe is somewhat overloaded with adverts and other distracting elements. Customers are also limited to a limited amount of credits for free before needing to spend extra credits in order to make photographs.

  • Take ownership of the work you’ve created.
  • Several AI algorithms which not a single tool has.
  • Enhanced usage control.
  • Earn free credits from community events.
  • Tools to create videos.
  • Buy the print form of your artwork.


  • In comparison with different AI art generation programs, it is not always simple to obtain help or customer care.
  • Some customers claim that the filters used to make AI art might be too sensitive.
  • Limited 5 Credits per day.

Price: Free

NightCafe AI Art Generator

5- StarryAI

StarryAI converts art into NFTs. It doesn’t need any human interaction. It can use an algorithm based on machine learning to analyze photos. Arguably the most appealing aspect of StarryAI is that it gives you entire control of the photographs you create, letting you use them for either private or business use. Its key attraction is that it functions as an entirely free NFT producer. Although technology is always evolving, magnificent works of art are currently being made using the app. 

apple store
  • No human input is required for automatic AI art production.
  • With the tex-to-image AI, you can turn texts into art.
  • Free NFT creator for generating one-of-a-kind NFT art that you can trade.


  • Only five credits per day.

Price: Free


Final Words on Realistic Image Generators

Analyzing the qualities of the best realistic image generator is critical for choosing the best alternative for your requirements. Search for generators that include a variety of creative styles, customizable settings, and innovative rendering processes. Analyse your personal objectives as well, so you may select one that gives the skills and resources you need for converting your imaginative concepts to reality.

Think about the simplicity of use and UI of the best AI art generators as well. Note that regardless of the person’s skill level, an easy-to-use interface with simple options and clear guidance may improve the artistic experience. Investigating the generator’s customer comments and reviews can also give useful information about its dependability, functionality, and simplicity of use. You may pick the AI art generator that closely matches your creative style, tastes, and artistic goals by carefully assessing these variables.


DALLE 3 is undoubtedly the most well-known name in AI picture generators and for a valid reason. But it is a paid tool.

Leonardo.AI is a totally free and one of the best AI art generators.

NightCafe is undoubtedly the fastest free art generator at this time.

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