Different Ways to Automate Google Reviews in 2024

Automate Google Reviews

Are you sick of asking for reviews? Google’s system loves them, but it’s hard to get people to praise you. Do not worry, you tired salesman. We’re going to explore the world of Automated Google Reviews, which is full of useful tools and strategies for getting constant good reviews without having to beg or use bots. Get ready, because we’re about to show you the best ways to automate Google Reviews that will help you build trust, boost your trustworthiness, and see your online image go through the roof.

We will show you the good, the bad, and the (surprisingly moral) ways to use smart email triggers and clever QR codes to unlock the power of automation and finally stop being a review hound. We need to stop rushing and welcome the future of reputation management. It’s time to plan your way to Google Review fame.

Google Reviews: Basic Info

Google Reviews is a Google tool that allows people to review and comment on businesses, items, offerings, or places. It is a digital space where users can discuss their opinions and rate products, allowing other people to make more educated selections.

Companies can access their Google My Business profile and reply to feedback, which allows them to interact with consumers, answer complaints, and show their dedication to customer happiness. Google Reviews have a huge influence on a company’s online image, exposure, and the faith clients have in them while looking for items or services.

Automate Google Reviews

Why Is It Necessary for Your Business to Automate Google Reviews?

Automate Google Reviews is the use of tools and software to automate and optimize the handling of reviews and comments provided on Google Business accounts. It employs systemized methods to better efficiently gather, monitor, reply to, and analyze Google reviews. The purpose of automating Google reviews is to ease the frequently laborious and time-consuming chore of dealing with feedback from clients, particularly for multi-location organizations, while also improving a company’s overall reputation administration approach.

Advantages of Google Reviews Automation

  • There are a lot of advantages to automate Google Reviews. For starters, automation of the request for input process enables organizations to regularly gather feedback. This provides a continual influx of new reviews, increasing the business’s trustworthiness and exposure on Google.
  • It also enables firms to track feedback in real-time, allowing them to respond to consumer complaints or bad reviews as soon as possible. This preventive strategy indicates a commitment to client pleasure and aids in the resolution of issues before they become more serious.
  • Moreover, automation streamlines the review handling procedure by centralizing every review in one location, making it simpler to track, analyze, and reply to consumer comments. It assists companies in gaining important insights into customer tastes, identifying areas for development, and making data-driven choices.
Google Reviews automation


  • Additional work may arise from a rise in reviews. Assume a consumer rants on the internet and leaves negative feedback. In such a scenario, you’ll need to prepare a reply, which will require some time to guarantee it’s not heated.  
  • It is critical to stick to the Google rules. Failure to adhere to the criteria may result in the removal of a few or all reviews. In extreme situations, they could remove your company’s listing.
  • To Automate Google Reviews is fantastic until it breaks down. If anything fails and you don’t detect it, you’ll lose reviews. You’ll notice that you’re getting less Google notifications regarding new feedback.
  • Client involvement has decreased. Customers like to be appreciated. By automating the feedback-gathering process, you will lose the human element. Customized requests for feedback have a greater rate of conversion, according to our research. If your company emphasizes consumer interaction, scripted inquiries may not be appropriate. 

Top 5 Best Tools for Automating Google Reviews

1- The Podium

Podium is a solid, but pricey, option. Podium, at $249 for one month, maybe beyond grasp for many small enterprises. Podium’s specialization is sending texts, so your consumers can write you feedback in just two clicks in twenty seconds.

Podium Google Reviews automation
  • Review invitations are automated.
  • The capacity to reply to feedback
  • Analyse trends and a lot more from a single, simple interface.

2- Birddeye

Birdeye is a user experience tool and a review automation service. Web chat, chat, bulk text, meetings, transactions, research, referrals, and so on. However, they offer an unpleasant feature on their website that prevents you from seeing the pricing. To obtain the pricing, you must provide your email first.

Birddeye Google Reviews automation

3- NiceJob

Nice work comes in a smaller box than the ones mentioned above, but it performs the job effectively. Their website message promotes receiving 4x more feedback for your company. The most you may spend each month, with automation, is $75 (this was one of the cheaper options we explored at). Users may feel “pestered” if the standard settings are used. Contact their support staff, and they will aid you in acquiring the system as required.

NiceJob Google Reviews automation

4- Grade.us

Grade.us begins at $110 for the month, which is sufficient for a good work. It includes various languages and emphasizes what it terms a “review funnel” a web page meant to make posting evaluations about your customer’s company easier. Their review response page is well-designed. They offer over 100 major and particular industry review sites.

Grade.us Google Reviews automation

5- Ryviu

Ryviu is a Google review handling program that makes it easier to gather and display consumer evaluations on websites. It interfaces with major eCommerce systems like WooCommerce, Shopify, and Prestashop, and it includes tools that automate Google reviews. Businesses may use Ryviu to set up automatic feedback demand emails or notifications to encourage consumers to post feedback on Google.

The program provides for the personalization of feedback request emails, direct access to the Google evaluation page, and an interface for tracking and handling reviews. Ryviu is a useful tool for expediting and automating the process of creating Google reviews, therefore improving your reputation and consumer trust.

Ryviu Google Reviews automation

How to Use These Automate Google Reviews Tools?

  1. Link the tool of your choice to the Google Business profile. This gives the software for automation the ability to access your company’s review information and allows it to send feedback requests straight to consumers.
  2. Set up an automation program to send feedback requests in response to particular triggers. For instance, you can deliver a feedback request email to clients immediately after their purchase is completed or after an agreed-upon amount of time post-purchase.
  3. Customize the rating request email to fit the tone of your company and offer detailed information on how consumers may post a Google review. For simplicity, provide an immediate link to the Google review page.
  4. Check the procedure by delivering requests for reviews to a small sample of consumers before completely adopting Google review automation. Keep an eye on the feedback rate and the amount of reviews created. The data may then be used to assess the performance of your automation plan and implement any required changes.
  5. Maintaining a great image and connection to your consumers is crucial. We do not advise automating the answer. It loses sincerity, and making a prepared response look like it’s been written by a real person is tough. You must recognize that automation is far from a one-size-fits-all answer. You have to try and analyze the outcomes, and then modify your plan as needed.

The Advantages of Automating Google Reviews for Multi-Location Companies

It might be difficult for multi-location firms to get regular ratings for all of their locations. Automation may make things easier. 

  • Obtaining ratings manually may be time-consuming. The procedure is streamlined by automating review collecting, monitoring, and responding. When you streamline your company’s review creation approach, you establish the groundwork for greater productivity and resource utilization.
  • Consider responding to reviews on a large scale using auto-response algorithms and personalized templates. AI-driven reactions make this feasible. Users are also notified immediately when new reviews are published. Quick responses enable companies to reply to each other swiftly and act promptly if a client leaves a negative review. 
  • You should expect a consistent supply of reviews after implementing automated review generation for each of your locations. However, with hundreds of evaluations arriving daily, obtaining impartial, actionable information is time-consuming. Aside from strengthening your internet reputation, ratings serve another important purpose: they reveal a plethora of information about your clients. Things they enjoy and dislike. How do you make improvements to deliver greater client experiences? What you are able to do to obtain happier consumers? Which places are successful and which are not?

Final Verdict on Automate Google Reviews

Google review automation is a strong method for simplifying and maximizing the advantages of consumer reviews. Businesses may save time and effort by utilizing automated technologies and procedures to ease the collecting, tracking, and administration of reviews. Clients can be encouraged to share their views on Google by sending automated requests for feedback at the appropriate time.

Furthermore, automation enables firms to reply to reviews quickly, proving their dedication to client happiness. Businesses may improve their online image, develop trust with new consumers, and promote business development by using an efficient Automate Google Reviews system. Accepting automation is a significant step in optimizing the feedback procedure and cultivating a favorable brand image.


Can I set up to automate Google Reviews for me?

Yes, as long as you do it in a good way and follow Google’s rules. This means you shouldn’t use fake reviews, bots, or prizes that break Google’s rules to get reviews. Instead, use tools to make it easier for happy customers to leave reviews.

Of course. Do not use bots, fake reviews, or other illegal methods. Make sure that your automation methods are clear and that you follow Google’s rules. Also, only ask real, happy customers for reviews.

What can I do to make sure I get positive reviews?

Focus on giving great customer service, quickly fixing problems, and going above and beyond what people expect. Automate the review process so that only happy customers have to do it. Get honest feedback, whether it’s good or bad because it shows that you’re real and helps you get better.

Will automating my review make it less beneficial?

If done in an honest way, no. Automation can make reviews better by making it easy for happy customers to leave feedback. Remember to keep your focus on honesty and sincerity while making the process easier for real reviews.


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