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Construction Payroll Software

For you to operate a staff in any business, you need Construction Payroll Software. Employees don’t enjoy working for no cost and slashing salaries may be a full-time job in and of itself. Payroll may be much more demanding for construction teams, whereas not every payroll system is up to the challenge.

If you’re looking for software to make this procedure less painful, this post will help you get started.

ADP Run Construction Payroll Software

ADP is a construction payroll software containing a human resources, and people administration platform featuring choices for small groups, mid-sized companies, and enterprise-level companies. It’s a good alternative for people who have to invoice in hand but need a means to manage their own internal demands because it has an all-in-one capability and is built to satisfy the use requirements for a variety of specialized sectors.

ADP’s Professional Business Organisation services, on the other hand, enable smaller groups to completely outsource these activities. This can provide improved workflows for increasing teams or units that require to function leaner to save overhead.

Construction Payroll Software
  • Particular industry services include automatic union price management, work costing states, and verified payroll.
  • Wisely Pay is used to pay laborers who have no bank accounts.
  • Time and attendance, corporate planning of resources, and other sophisticated capabilities are available.


  • An all-in-one system capable of handling almost every fundamental HR, payroll, and talent management operation.
  • PEO assistance provides an entirely operational outsourcing alternative for teams who prefer to concentrate on project completion.
  • Native time tracking, salary and rate adjustments, and particular industry reports make it simple to reduce construction project documentation.


  • Pricing is not as transparent as that of some rivals.
  • There is not a trial period for teams who wish to try ADP for a spin first.
  • It might be costlier than necessary for smaller staff.

Gusto Construction Payroll Software

Not every person who writes checks believes themselves an experienced accountant or even a skilled user. Often all you require is an online tool that simplifies the work; this frequently implies software that removes unnecessary bells and whistles to reduce ambiguity and distraction.

Gusto enters into play here. Gusto allows crews to process payroll digitally nearly overnight, irrespective of payroll expertise or computer proficiency levels, thanks to a straightforward interface, construction-specific functionality, and minimum onboarding time.

Gusto Construction Payroll Software
  • Payroll, improved administration, scheduling, recruiting and management, and other services are all available through this full-service system.
  • Comprehensive project costing capability that makes it easy to generate precise projections and calculate revenue margins.
  • Clarified attendance, time reports, and overtime monitoring so that crew workers may be fairly compensated for their efforts.
  • Gusto offers benefits packages, compensation for employees (including pay-as-you-go), worker convenience, and other features.


  • Price transparency facilitates budgetary decisions.
  • Simple user interface, which speeds up onboarding and reduces the instruction curve.
  • Tax filing automation, regulatory reporting, and additional HR time-saving tools.


  • Entry to premium features is restricted under the basic plan.
  • Gusto may lack crucial capabilities for some construction workers with more complicated payroll needs.

Pricing Plan of Gusto

  • Basic: $40/month and $6 per person each month.
  • Plus: $80/month and $12 per person each month.
  • Premium: Please contact the website.

Paychex Flex Construction Payroll Software

Benefit and benefits administration are two areas where many construction teams fall short when compared to white-collar occupations. Not all construction jobs include insurance, paid time off, pensions, or other types of remuneration. Those who do frequently have to manage every one of the administrative tasks alone, adding to the load.

Paychex distinguishes itself by making these solutions easier to find to teams that would otherwise choose not to use them.

Paychex Flex Construction Payroll Software
  • Benefits administration, includes medical insurance, the PTO, pension schemes, and other perks.
  • Onboarding, training, personnel management, HR functions, and other technologies make it much simpler to locate and retain staff members.
  • Native time recording with associated fingerprint time clock devices, enabling touchless clock-in/clock-out operations.


  • Benefits acquisition and management is simplified and less expensive for micro- and mid-sized crews.
  • The mobile software provides crew workers with self-service capabilities such as attendance monitoring, work scheduling, as well as assigning task management.
  • The platform’s user-friendliness makes payroll and HR procedures simple to use for managers and employees.


  • There are no subscription packages or pricing details available on the website.
  • Teams with fewer members may incur more costs.
  • Some users have reported that support staff are not always responsive.

QuickBooks Construction Payroll Software

QuickBooks, the accounting solution behemoth, has a track record for being thorough and nearly encyclopedic in its number of characteristics, features, and assistance for use cases. It is well-known in the business field as a simple-to-operate solution, and it is frequently utilized by small enterprises. It’s also recognized as a more expensive alternative, but one with attributes to match.

There are several extensions, add-ons, and integrated solutions available across the platform, allowing teams to combine and customize their required tools to acquire the precise functionality they want.

QuickBooks Construction Payroll Software
  • The excellent platform includes accounting, handling resources, field service administration, order management, and much more.
  • Expert assistance in a wide range of calculating and financial sectors.
  • Combine modules to create a personalized solution that suits the specific demands of your team.


  • Get simple software that is customized to both payroll demands and the idiosyncrasies of the building sector.
  • Lean on one of the finance industry’s finest brands.
  • Make use of a team of accounting specialists and get immediate help when you need it.


  • QuickBooks is one of the most costly accounting software alternatives for startups, particularly if many module add-ons are combined.
  • Because solo payroll lacks construction-specific functionality and solo construction accounting lacks the payroll module, you’ll need to combine the two.

Pricing Plan of QuickBooks:

  • Payroll Core: costs $45/month, an extra $6 per worker.
  • Payroll Premium: $80/month, extra $8 for for every worker.
  • Payroll Elite: costs $125/month, an extra $10 for each worker.

OnPay Construction Payroll Software

OnPay offers a simple, simple-to-operate solution for organizations looking to get launched with automated payroll quickly. There is a lot to like for teams of fewer people with low budgets and easier accounting demands, thanks to a simplified platform, straightforward pricing, and limitless payroll cycles in a single month.

While it has fewer fancy features, it does provide a plethora of integration choices and a huge library of HR information, which can assist those who become familiar with accounting and payroll on the job.

  • Teams with fewer members benefit from cheaper expenses with this payroll option.
  • Teams may cut cheques for workers and contractors as frequently as they need to with limitless payroll runs.
  • Workers may handle their own data using a self-service site.


  • Straightforward solution for straightforward use scenarios.
  • It’s simple to get begun and simple to utilize.
  • Integrates with a wide range of famous management and accounting software.


  • Because there are no bulk discounts, the software becomes increasingly costly for bigger teams.
  • The lack of capabilities may disappoint groups with more complex demands.
  • Right present, the application for mobile devices is only available for iOS.

Pricing Plan OnPay

$40/month + $6 per person.

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