How to Use Tavern AI on Mobile Detailed Set-up Guide

How to Use Tavern AI on Mobile

Tavern AI is a new kind of AI robot tool that lets you have deep conversations with a lot of different characters. No matter if you want to chat with famous people, imaginary characters, or people from history, Tavern AI brings them to life, giving you an unusual and engaging chat experience. Even though Tavern AI works best on a desktop computer, you can set it up and use it on your phone by using a secret link. We will show you how to use Tavern Ai on mobile device in this detailed guide.

How to Use Tavern AI on Mobile Full Set-up

Here’s what you need to do to set up Tavern AI on your phone. Just follow the steps if you want to know how to use Tavern AI on mobile?

Installing NodeJS and Downloading Tavern AI Files

Here is how to use Tavern AI on mobile.

Step 1: Install NodeJS from the Official Website

Install NodeJS first. This is a tool that lets you run JavaScript code on the server. Get the version of NodeJS that works with your computer by going to the official page and downloading it. Follow the steps that the NodeJS software gives you for installing it.

Step 2: Get the AI files for Tavern from GitHub.

Get the files you need by going to the Tavern AI GitHub folder and downloading them. These files have everything you need to set up Tavern AI on your phone or tablet. Pick “Download ZIP” from the “Code” button to get the files on your desktop or laptop.

Step 3: Extract the Tavern AI files.

Once you’ve gotten the ZIP file, use WinRAR or another extraction tool to get the files inside. This will make a folder with the Tavern AI files inside it.

Command Prompt and Going Through Directories

You have to use the command prompt or terminal on your phone to get to the Tavern AI files and run orders. 

Step 1: Open Command Prompt

On your phone, open a command line or terminal app. The steps may be different for your devices and running system. To get to the command line on Android, you can use tools like Termux or Termux: API. You can get to the terminal on iOS with applications like iSH or NewTerm.

Step 2: Find the Tavern AI Directory.

To access the Tavern AI files, run the cd command to get to their stored place. For example, to go to the “Downloads” folder where the files were removed, you would type cd Downloads/Tavern-AI.

Tavern AI

Installing Required Dependencies

You need to load the tools that Tavern AI needs to work on your smartphone or tablet before you can start the server. 

Run the command “npm install” in a terminal or command window to get the modules that Tavern AI needs. With this command, the necessary programs will be received and installed without delay.

Accessing the Tavern AI Web Interface

You can use your phone to view the Tavern AI online interface once the server is up and running. 

Step 1: Open a Web Browser

Start up an online browser on your phone. Browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge are all fine to use.

Step 2: Type in the server’s address

Place the address “localhost:3000” in your web browser’s address bar to get to the Tavern AI online interface. This will link you to the server that is running nearby.

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Features and Benefits of Tavern AI

There are a few things about Tavern AI that set it apart from other AI robot platforms:

Building Character

Users can make AI-based characters and give them specific traits, personalities, goals, and reasons for doing things. This function lets you simulate different characters in a way that feels real, which makes the interaction better.

Multiple Language Model Support

Tavern AI works with many language models, such as OpenAI GPT-3.5, Kobold AI, and a lot more. This lets users change how they chat based on the language style they prefer.

Customizable UI

The app has a very flexible layout that lets users make their chat experience unique. From picking out the colors to changing the style, users can make the chat room look the way they want it to.

Fully Immersive Chat 

Tavern AI provides an engaging site where AI figures take part in real-time talks. This changes the way people tell stories by making chat rooms more engaging.

Group Chats

Users of Tavern AI can have talks with more than one AI figure at the same time. This tool makes it possible for groups to talk to each other and create new ways to tell stories together.

Use Tavern AI on Mobile

Final Words on How to Use Tavern AI on Mobile

Tavern AI lets you chat in an exciting, adventure-like setting, and you can use your phone through a secret tunnel to connect. By following the steps given, customers can set up and enjoy connecting with different AI models, creating their own stories, and having character-driven, interactive experiences. Get the most out of Tavern AI on your phone or tablet and start a creative and story-filled trip.

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FAQs on the Topic How to Use Tavern AI on Mobile

Is there a way to access Tavern AI from my mobile device?

Yes, you can use Tavern AI on your phone through a secret link, even though it works best on a desktop computer. You are able to set up Tavern AI on your phone and use its functions by following the steps above.

Does Tavern AI work with all AI models?

A lot of AI language models, like OpenAI GPT-3.5, Claude, Kobold AI, and more, work with Tavern AI. This wide range of models makes the interaction better and lets users pick the language model they like best.

When things don’t work out as set up Tavern AI on the mobile device, what am I to do?

If you have any difficulties while configuring or using Tavern AI on your mobile device, you may refer to the Tavern AI instructions or seek assistance from the Tavern AI community. Their advice and assistance might be invaluable in resolving any issues you may be facing.

Can I change the personalities and avatars of my characters in Tavern AI?

Users of Tavern AI can make characters with their own personalities and pick out images and names for them. This customizing tool makes the experience more engaging and lets users make up their own stories.


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