EShare Apk for Smart TV Detailed Guide 2024

EShare App for Smart TV

Designed for Screensharing, remote display, and control by remoting system between handheld gadgets (such as smartphones, iPads, Computers, and others) and wider screens. EShare apk is packed with features for multi-screen adaptive programs. Without the need for wires, you can perform mutual control via touch and multi-mirroring between laptops and big monitors with the EShare Application.

Customer engagement is fun and organic, making it ideal for seminars in both academia and business. Sharing screens digitally is now more accessible than ever. Bring easy brainstorming and productive teamwork to your business or educational institution.

You must require a Television/Projector/IFPD/IWB with an EShare Server or EShare Pro already set up to utilize the EShare Apk on your smartphone or iPad

Features of EShare Apk

  1. Download the EShare Apk
  2. Please confirm that the big screen and your client’s device are linked to a mutual connection.
  3. Next, open “ESharePro”;
  4. Next, download the EShare app by scanning the QR code or going to “”
Eshare app
apple store

A Complete Guide for Android and iOS EShare Apk

  1. Links to the Big Screen
  2. Kindly confirm that the big screen and the user’s gadget are linked to the same connection. The following are the four linking methods.
  3. Configure the connection’s type to “Device Label” (by default). First, open the EShare application. It will detect any devices with big displays connected to the same connection efficiently. After that, choose a device from the gadget’s screen to link to a big screen.
  4. Choose “PIN Codes (six numbers)/PIN codes eight letters)” as the connection type option. Then, open the EShare apk, connect to the big screen, and enter the security code (PIN).
  5. To link, enter an IP address. To link a device to the huge display, input the reception gadget’s IP address.
  6. Launch the EShare apk, scan the code with a QR reader, and connect to the big screen by scanning it.
EShare Apk

File Transfer

Picture: Choose a picture to upload on the huge screen using the File Sharing Image feature.

Audio and Video: Choose any type of audio or video file to broadcast on the big screen.

Document: Choose any type of file to share to the huge display (Microsoft Word, PPT, Excel, TXT, etc.).

Eshare apk for andriod

Space: To enable wireless storage spaces. press the “Storage” button in the top-right portion of the document-sharing window. To transfer or upload files, use the phone device’s displayed URL.

Eshare storage

Screen Casting

  • Android: To share your screen on a large monitor, simply hit the “Share Screen” button on your Android smartphone.
Eshare screencasting
  • Apple devices: To share your screen to a large display, touch “Share Screen” following the instructions in the Apple screen sharing tutorial.
Eshare apk for iphone

A Complete Guide for Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, and Ubuntu

Please confirm that the big monitor and your Windows, macOS, Google Chrome OS, or Linux client devices are linked to the same internet. The following are the four connecting types:

  1. Select “Device Title” as the connection method option (the default setting): Open the EShare smartphone application, and it will look for devices with big screens connected to the same network instantly. Choose the device that will link to the wider display from the device list.
  2. Choose “PIN Code (six digits)/PIN code (eight letters)” as the connection option. Then, open the EShare apk, connect to the big screen, and enter the security code (PIN).
  3. IP Address to link: To connect to the big screen, enter the receiving device’s IP address.
  4. Choose the device to pair with the big monitor from the past activity list by clicking on the box that says “Enter IP Address or Password to connect”
Eshare device list

Screen Casting

Touch for managing client gadgets from the huge display, or press “Share Screen” to transmit your computer’s screen with it.

eshare features

If you’re using Windows 10 1607 or later, you can broadcast your screen to a wide monitor by clicking “Source” and choosing “Share extend screen.”

eshare screensharing

Shortcut Keys for Rapid Screencasting

Select the “Shortcut” button (available only on Microsoft Windows) to create an application shortcut with the receiver device name after connecting to it. To rapidly broadcast the screen to a certain big display, launch this shortcut from the desktop.

eshare quick screenshare

To operate the big display from your personal device, tap “TV Mirroring.” This will screencast the display of the huge display onto your computer.

eshare free application

Wireless Notes 

To begin wireless notes on the huge display from the PC, choose “TV Mirror” and then hit the cursory pen button located in the sidebar.

eshare pen feature

Complete Display

Even when multiple users are sharing the screen, you can select the full-screen option to have your screen shown just on the larger screen.

eshare best screencast

Mirroring Request

When you select “Invitation for Mirroring” under Settings, you will have the following two choices:

  • Auto-accept: instantly approve the screen-casting offer from the operator. Your PC screen will appear on the huge monitor when the moderator clicks the “Share Screen” button in the Moderator Control’s dashboard.
  • Notify me: Unless you accept the request to share, your PC screen won’t be shown on the big screen when the moderator hits the “Share Screen” button in the Moderator Dashboard.
eshare notify feature


The most recent version of WebCast allows you to cast the screen without installing or downloading the software by simply entering an ID in the browser. Additionally, it allows for network domain-free virtual screen sharing via the Internet.

In addition to both macOS and Windows, it works with Linux and Google Chrome OS. Here are some recommended web browsers based on your operating system:Windows: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome,

Windows: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge.

MacOS 10.15 and later: Apple Safari, Chrome OS.

Ubuntu: Firefox, Chrome OS.

Note: Mobile browsers are unsuitable with WebCast. 

Turn on WebCast.

To launch the WebCast assistance, tap the “Enable WebCast” button.

eshare webcast

A WebCast Guide

  1. If your display is connected to the web, WebCast can operate in online mode. To share your screen, just follow these instructions.
  2. Open “casts. app” on your PC’s web browser and put WebCast Credentials.
eshare free app
eshare webcast
  1. To set up a WebCast, enter a single password that appears on the big display or hit the “Allow”
eshare screencast feature
  1. button on it. Your WebCast screen-sharing proposal may be approved or denied by the moderator.
eshare webcast feature apk
  1. The screencasting options window will appear; pick “Chrome Tab,” “Window,” or “All Screen” and make sure the “Share system audio” button is checked. Then, to start sharing, hit the “Share” option.
eshare webcast

You may obtain the ESHARE COMPLETE MANUAL by clicking this link if you’d like additional information about how to use Eshare.

Dental eShare and eShares Inc.

Individuals may mistakenly believe that EShare, eShares Inc., and Dental eShare are the same as one another when, in reality, they are not.

EShare Apk for Smart TV

EShares Inc.

American technology startup eShares Inc., formerly Carta Eshares, is headquartered in the USA and provides a shareholder management system. It provides the tools and services they need to manage relationships with investors, regulation, and capital compensation. It also makes it possible for investors, attorneys, and legal counsel to Electronic stock issuance.

Dental eShare

Dental eShare is an interactive platform that allows healthcare teams to exchange, monitor, and improve patient care while preserving privacy and reliability. It is an interconnected system for managing medical records for patients.


With the help of the powerful software application EShare, users may quickly and simply exchange documents, displays, and other crucial data with anybody, anywhere in the world. This technology has demonstrated great efficiency in facilitating global real-time connections between individuals for both commercial and educational reasons. By doing away with the need for in-person meetings, users of the EShare app may save time as well as money. All things considered, EShare Apk is a remarkable innovation that may facilitate teamwork and communication as well as support distant work. It is also a useful tool.

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