Top 4 Free Tools to Transcribe Podcast to Text Free in 2024

Top 4 Tools to Transcribe Podcast to Text Free

To transcribe podcast to text free is a basic requirement for all podcasters who wish to make their material easily available to a larger audience. Is it, however, necessary to make it a chore? No. You may simply translate podcasts to text using the right tools and methods. Continue reading to find out how.

Top 4 Tools to Transcribe Podcast to Text Free

As a consequence of artificial intelligence, the world is evolving. It is not complicated to convert a podcast to text. With software powered by AI is now simpler (and less expensive) than ever to correctly transcribe a podcast in a few minutes. 

Transcriptions are essential for adding subtitles to your material or repurposing it into articles as well as other written content. In order to start, you must choose a tool that will fit seamlessly into the way you work. 


Welder is an audio capture and streaming program with several capabilities. While there are numerous premium tiers available, their free edition allows limitless audio and video subtitles. They handle a variety of formats for audio and video, and once you’ve waited for as much as it needs for your project to be complete, you can save it as a TX or SRT file.

No automated transcript is flawless, but Welder is on par with a lot of premium services. It’s most likely the greatest choice for free podcast transcription on the market.

Welder transcription tool

Otter.AI Transcribe Podcast to Text Free

Many professionals utilize it to Transcribe podcast to text free Otter for transcribing as well as taking notes during meetings. Their basic tier, a comprehensive meeting tool, only allows you to submit three recordings to transcribe. Although it is not a solution that will last for a long time, it does give immediate time transcribing for recordings. You may host meetings with others using such as the Otter application or Google Meeting, and Otter will provide you with a transcript after the event has concluded.

One disadvantage of Otter is the fact that you cannot save the transcriptions as files. You’ll need to paste these into a Word editor.

Otter.AI Transcribe Podcast to Text Free

Capcut Online Transcribe Podcast to Text Free

CapCut is a media editing application that is widely used for its simplicity and has the ability to serve as a podcasting transcribing tool. It has a distinctive transcript-based modifying tool that is capable of creating your podcast transcripts for free. It can reliably convert voice to text online for a complete text file of a podcast’s sound with dates and times, speaker labels, and so on.

Capcut Online


Riverside is a high-quality recording and editing tool, but it also provides downloadable subtitles immediately after filming. Riverside is based on a text video editor and includes AI transcriptions. With this AI’s unrivaled transcription precision, you may create transcripts in over 80 languages. 

Riverside transcription tool

Different Ways to Transcribe a Podcast to Text

Manual or DIY Transcription

DIY the transcription process, also referred to as manual podcast the transcription process, is when you spend time listening to the sound in a podcast and write out what is said verbatim. The activity necessitates close attention to detail, strong hearing skills, and knowledge of the topic matter under discussion. If you want to transcribe podcast to text free then you can personally add captions.

  • You can swiftly comprehend the context of a discussion in order to recognize filler words, doubts, and hidden meanings in order to effectively convey what the speaker is saying intent and tone.
  • It is simple to adapt to unique transcript styles such as vocabulary while providing real-time mistake modification, which is ideal for podcasts containing sensitive material. 
  • Because you are typing your podcasts, all of your personal information and data is protected and there is no possibility for leakage. 


  • It can be time-consuming, particularly for long audio sessions and podcast creators with limited resources. 
  • When transcribing for oneself, weariness, incorrect pronunciation, and a thick accent may all contribute to unavoidable human mistakes. 
Transcribe Podcast to Text Free

Get a Transcriptionist

Think about employing a transcriptionist if you would like to transcribe the podcast saving yourself time and effort. Skilled transcribers are qualified and experienced in converting podcasting audio to text. 

  • Skilled transcribers can catch linguistic subtleties, accents, and noise from the background, which is essential for podcasts including technical conversations, court procedures, and so on.
  •  It is effective at identifying and distinguishing many speakers, even when their voices are identical or overlap, making it perfect for conversations or disputes.
  • For podcasting on academic subjects or specialty themes, human translators are better suited to handle specialized terminology, technical terms, and cultural allusions.
  • Skilled transcribers have the necessary abilities, expertise, and instruments to assure accuracy, and they frequently specialize in certain sectors or fields of expertise.


  • If a human transcriber is not accessible, the podcast’s transcript processing time may suffer. 
  • A human transcriber may mistakenly insert personal interpretations into the transcribed material, compromising the podcast’s impartiality and accuracy.
  • Hiring human transcribing services may be costly, particularly for large-scale projects, and finding and retaining transcribers to fulfill needs may be problematic.

Bonus Tip to Transcribe Podcast to Text Free

For aspiring podcasters, YouTube has become a popular alternative. It is easily accessible, allows for limitless uploads, and is simple to use. You only need an account with Google and a podcast, image, or waveform to accompany your music.

Another advantage of utilizing YouTube is the automated captioning. With no effort, you may have subtitles included in your movie in approximately a day. These captions have been criticized for being untrustworthy, but you can readily obtain them as.vtt,.srt, or.sbv files. You may just modify them in a normal text editor after downloading them.


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