Best 5 AI Tools for Lawyers in 2024

AI Assistant for lawyers

Elite lawyers are always seeking new strategies to stand out from their law organizations. Among the most beneficial methods to organize an organization and improve customer support is to include modern legal AI technologies. AI tools for lawyers can help your company become happier and more productive. 

Numerous procedures may be improved and automated with the help of AI and machine learning. Legal research and electronic searches are both made easier with this, and you can sort through more material than ever before. Using the potential of your case data reveals unexpected facts that a human would need a lot of time to find.

Advantages of AI tools for lawyer

The legal profession is typically fatigued when it comes to adopting new technologies. On the other hand, attorneys need to find methods for improving their work since the speed of the profession is so quick. Artificial intelligence presents an amazing potential to enhance the job that your firm does for attorneys. There is a pattern that runs across judicial AI tool for lawyers, and that is the promise of improved efficiency for your company. Many attorneys worry that AI may replace them.

 Artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t going to oust attorneys any time soon, but it is improving their performance on the job. More than simply a technology for the future, AI is here to stay. Right now is all that matters. Companies that have used AI for help will get ahead of others that haven’t used it as quickly. Companies that are already using AI have a heads-up due to the lengthy learning process. You will be able to speed up and even surpass others if you master AI as soon as possible. You may find strategies to alter your company’s work and compete with pioneers by investigating the technologies on the list below.

Casetext AI Tools for Lawyers

When looking for a legal research tool, Casetext is one of the best tools for lawyers. It is one of the prominent AI tools for lawyers to help might greatly enhance its use. The Casetext AI helper, CoCounsel, improves the research process. This new assistant was developed by Casetext and OpenAI on the foundation of GPT-4 with modifications customized to the legal profession. According to the case text, CoCounsel has postgraduate-level writing as well as understanding skills. There is a lot more to CoCounsel than just investigating laws, according to Casetext

best ai tools for lawyers

Furthermore, the tool is useful for:

  • Analyzing papers
  • Performing database searches to identify relevant data
  • Concluding results
  • Providing an outline for a legal document
  • Analyzing documents to ensure compliance and precision

If you sign up for Casetext’s basic plan for a year, the monthly cost begins at $110. As a result, you will be able to use certain AI tools for lawyers for legal study. The monthly fee for access to CoCounsel is $400, payable in advance for the entire year.

Lex Machina

Lex Machina To evaluate and classify court papers, their computers use AI technology. Trends affecting parties, and providing best AI tools for lawyers, judicial officials, and courts may be found in this way. Information such as results, losses, and case outcomes are examples of data.

This ensures that the AI platform is always working with the most up-to-date information on numerous scenarios. It takes the information and utilizes it to provide you with a plethora of perspectives generated by AI. Thanks to Lex Machina’s data processing, you could learn some of the following:

Lex Machina ai for lawyers
  • Balancing client expectations and establishing expenditures via familiarity with case milestones
  • Examining the actions of individual judges in similar circumstances
  • Getting to know the other side’s lawyers’ lawsuit backgrounds might help you prepare.
  • While they do give demonstrations, Lex Machina fails to offer a price plan that is visible to the public.


One artificial intelligence technology that aims to facilitate exploration is Relativity. This tool necessitates control of the whole investigation process by assisting you with:

Relatively ai assistant for lawyers
  • Create automated processes to gather data from various places.
  • Use an integrated dashboard to manage review paperwork and monitor AI findings.
  • Make it easier to eliminate personal and protected information.
  • Transform papers into a language you’re familiar with

A fascinating feature is the fact that the AI tools for lawyers take user feedback into account and improve and speed up with time intervals. Relativity is used by 198 of the AmLaw 200, and it’s not just by the largest companies in the whole country. Any size legal practice may make use of the company’s AI scalability technologies. The applications that you need determine the cost of the plan that Relativity provides. For a quotation, lawyers interested in this technology can reach out to sales.


Another powerful eDiscovery tool is Everlaw. They keep its AI assistant up-to-date with frequent improvements so it stays innovative and has been available for a long. This tool improves with usage, just like other AI devices. Training this program with your data allows it to classify eDiscovery PDFs, which is a huge advantage.

Everlaw ai assistant

Here are some of its abilities:

  • Explain in short the results and materials
  • Acknowledge important sources of information.
  • Provide free-form answers to the questions

New users are welcome to join Everlaw’s AI assistant while it’s still in testing. Zoom, Microsoft Outlook, Slack, and Mail are just a few of the many prominent legal technology platforms. Additionally, this AI tools for lawyers is compatible with. Amazingly, you must organize a sales demo to figure out what the organization means when it claims it provides clear pricing.

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lawgeex ai tool for lawyers

Lawgeex is one of the best artificial intelligence contract analysis AI tools for lawyers. Lawyers who do not work with their legal departments should think twice before rushing to adopt Lawgeex. However, if you handle contracts often, it could be worthwhile to look into. The price model of Lawgeex is not disclosed to the public. It is one of top Artificial intelligence AI tools for lawyers is Lawgeex. You just need to set up a demo with sales before you can get a pricing.


This is (AI) is a chatbot that lawyers may use in place of a human operator. Legal companies may use the platform to field and direct calls from clients. To determine the caller’s intent and route the call accordingly, it employs artificial intelligence and natural language processing.

Artificial intelligence (AI) now available may automate tedious processes and simplify procedures in the legal sector, resulting in time and money saved. Legal professionals can better assist their clients when they spend less time on administrative work and brainstorming.

There are a variety of uses for artificial intelligence (AI) in the legal field, however, programs that summarize or create legal documents are among the most popular. Apps for drafting agreements, software to assist law firms with case management management, and legal investigation tools abound.


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