How to Use Ecoute AI Tool How It Helps You to Pass Interview

Ecoute AI Tool

With its real-time transcriptions and contextually appropriate replies, Ecoute AI Tool is an AI-powered real-time transcription tool that enhances conversations, particularly interviews. Ecoute uses OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 to transcribe your conversations and provide a reasonable reply.

In doing so, it promotes self-assurance, facilitates productive dialogue, and helps in developing suitable replies. Ecoute is the wave of the future when it comes to communication; it streamlines interviews and makes interactions more enjoyable and efficient. It will revolutionize your communication style and conversation through discussion.

How Does Ecoute AI Tool Works

  • Ecoute AI Tool carefully records your voice as you talk into the microphone and then turns it into text. At the same time, it records your discussion as it happens, without any delay, and acts as a recorder for the speaker. 
  • The chat is being transcribed in real-time and the results are shown in a textbox by this tool. This includes not just what the other person says but also how they show it nonverbally. It does more than just transcribe conversations; it also uses OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 to propose what the user should say in response to the transcribed chat. 
  • This recommended answer is then available to the user for their chat. Online video interviews are a great opportunity for this, as they give candidates a framework for what to say. With its guidance, you’ll be able to communicate with assurance and fewer pauses. If you want to ace that interview or meeting, practice this speech pattern.
  • Ultimately, this AI is a strong advantage in many applications, such as employment interview simulations, due to its ability to record real-time discussions and provide recommended replies.

Benefits of Ecoute AI Tool

Ecoute goes beyond just a simple transcribing app. As if you had a supportive buddy who would listen to your chats and discreetly provide insightful recommendations, that’s about it.

  • Because everything will be recalled, you won’t need to fret about forgetting anything important. You may capture every word of your discussion with Ecoute.
  • Make Appropriate Statements: To help you navigate complicated discussions and answer effectively, Ecoute uses AI-driven recommended replies.
  • Gain Self-Assurance: You may approach interviews with self-assurance and less anxiety when you have an AI-powered assistant on your side.
  • Enhance the Pleasure of Interactions: Better and more engaging encounters are what you can expect with Ecoute’s help.

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Things You Need to Use Ecoute AI Tool

A few prerequisites must be met before you may activate Ecoute AI:

  • Python: the computer must have Python installed, with version 3.8 or later.
  • An Open AI API key is also required in order to use the OpenAI API. Create a paid membership with OpenAI if you’re missing one.
  • Ecoute AI is compatible with Microsoft Windows Operating Systems.
  • FFmpeg: The Windows package manager Chocolatey may be used to install FFmpeg if the program is not already installed on your computer. 

Installation Process

  1. Clone the repository 

git clone

  1. Go to the Ecoute folder.

cd ecoute

  1. Install the required packages with pip.

pip install -r requirements.txt

  1. In the ecoute directory, create a file and insert your OpenAI API key:

One possibility is to use the command prompt. Replace “API KEY” with your real OpenAI API key while running the following command:

python -c “with open(‘’, ‘w’, encoding=’utf-8′) as f: f.write(‘OPENAI_API_KEY=\”API KEY\”‘)”

Alternative: Make the file by hand. Launch your preferred text editor and paste the following code:


To use your real OpenAI API key, substitute “API KEY” with it. Put this file in the ecoute directory and name it

  1. Run the main script:


Use this for a quicker, better version that’s compatible with most languages:

python –api

The main script may be executed when all the necessary setup has been completed. Once you begin to speak to Ecoute AI, it will start listening via your speakers and mic. A textbox will be shown with the transcripts of the discussion that is being transposed in real-time. Based on the real-time transcription of the chat, it will also propose an answer for you to provide using OpenAI’s GPT-3.5.

Ecoute AI

Final Thoughts on Ecoute AI Tool

To sum up, Ecoute AI is an innovative technology that is changing the game when it comes to communication. It enhances communication by offering real-time transcription and answer production, which is both efficient and fun. Anyone can benefit from Ecoute AI, whether you’re an instructor trying to differentiate your lessons or a job hunter getting ready for an interview.


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