Top 4 Mp3 to Mp4 with Image Converters in 2024

Mp3 to Mp4 with Image

What is the best way to change the format from MP3 to MP4″ How do I convert an audio file to a video format? I have it in mp3 format. So, I’m thinking about making a movie out of the sounds and adding a picture. How can I do this? If you’re using a Mac or PC and desire to transform MP3s to MP4s, this article has the top 4 mp3 to mp4 with images in 2024.

“What is the best way to change format from MP3 to MP4” How do I convert an audio file to a video format? I have it in mp3 format. So, I’m thinking about making a movie out of the sounds and adding a picture. How can I do this?

When it comes to music and video, the two most popular formats are MP3 and MP4 with image format. Among the most common services is the conversion of music files to MP3 and video files to MP4 format, including but not limited to MKV, AVI, M4V, and many others. However, we found out that there are people who are trying to find a method to change the MP3 format into the MP4 format so they may post or share it.


Whether you’re using Windows or Mac, FreeConvert will assist you in converting Mp3 to Mp4 with image without costing you anything. Any MP3 file, whether saved locally on your computer, on Google Drive, Dropbox, or via an MP3 URL, can be uploaded. Video of this acronym, size of screen, frame rate, size ratio, and other technical details are also available. You can do things like rotate, flip, modify the volume, cut, add subtitles, and more with video.

audio to mp4 with image

1: locate your MP3 file and click the Select Files icon.

2: To convert an Mp3 to Mp4 with Image format video, click the Convert to MP4 option. To save the converted MP4 file to your PC, just click the “Download MP4” button.


Zamzar is another great internet-based tool for converting MP3 to MP4 with Image both Windows and Mac. The process just takes a few moments. In addition to the capability to upload MP3 files from computers, such as Google Drive, the Dropbox service, One Drive, and the Box, it has converted more than 500 million songs in the last two decades. If you want to convert audio files from one format to another, you can do it using the following formats: MP3, AAC, AC3, FLAC, M4A, M4R, WAV, Ogg, WMA, and many more. Languages such as English, German, Russian, French, Italian, and many more are available.

mp3 to mp4 converter with image

1. Select your MP3 file by clicking the Choose Files button.

2.  to begin the process of selecting the format of the file from MP3 to MP4, click the “Convert Now” button. To save it to your computer, click Download.

Movavi Mp3 to Mp4 with Image

When looking for a program to convert MP3 to MP4, Movavi Video Converter is a top choice. The software is compatible with computers running Windows and Mac OS X. Setting it up and using it to convert between is a cinch. A number of file formats, including MP3 and MP4. You may find instructions for converting MP3 files to MP4 files here. Downloading the MP3-to-MP4 converter app from Movavi is the first step in using it. You can download the program in both Windows and Mac versions.

mp3 to mp4 image

1. It just takes a few clicks to convert your files from Mp3 to Mp4 with Image with the free converter. After the converter has finished setting up, use it and drag and drop the audio files you want to convert from MP3 to MP4. Select “Add Audio” from the list that appears when you click the “Add Media” option. Navigate to the documents you wish to modify on the device you’re using. You may upload multiple files and change them all at once using Movavi Video Converter’s batch conversion feature.

2. Convert audio files from Mp3 to Mp4 with Image online for free or use the desktop tool to convert many files at once. After you’ve imported your MP3s into the program, go to the very bottom of the display and choose the Video option. Once you’ve found the MP4 format in the list of available options, you may choose a preset and get ready to convert. Mp3 to Mp4 with Image is a free online converter that converts audio files to MP4 files without any cost. Simple steps to making professional-quality videos with subtitles and more views.

convert mp3 to mp4 with image

Steps to Transform MP3 to MP4

1. Pick a format for the file.

First, choose MP3 files as the file type by clicking the first box; then, choose MP4 as the following one.

2. Convert and upload

To import an MP3 file, go to your file folder, and then select the “Choose File” button. Transferring files inside the box is also an option. Navigate to the ‘Convert File’ option.

3. Get the file.

By selecting Download, you may download the video to your device for later use.


  1. Launch the online editor. Check out Fastreel.
  2. Pick an image file and then click the “Add Your Files” button.
  3. Press the “Add Music” option. 
  4. You may either choose a file in MP3 format from your computer or use the Upload Audio option.
  5. Finish editing your footage and then choose Export.
  1. Launch VLC and go to the “Media” menu.
  2. Click on “Convert / Save”.
  3. Just choose your MP3 file and hit the “Add” button.
  4. Next, locate and click on “Convert / Save” below.
  5. Select “MP4” as the desired format for output.
  6. Choose where you want the result to go by pressing the “Browse” option.

Select the option to convert or save. Select a destination folder, give the file a title, and then click the Browse option under Source. Select Video—H. 264 in addition to MP3 (MP4) from the Settings menu.

  1. Make the Change from MP3 to MP4?
  2. Select the MP3 files you want to use by clicking the “Choose Files” option.
  3. Select “Convert to MP4” to start the process of converting.
  4. You may download the MP4 file by clicking the “Download MP4” option once “Done” appears.


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