5 Best Calendar Apps You Can Use in 2024

Best Calendar Apps

In the current digital world, scheduling has become a kind of skill. The days of written notes and print diaries are long passed. Currently, to meet our professional tasks, we require something far more capable, adaptable, and easily available. This is when calendar applications come and play an important role. We will tell you the best Calendar Apps for your daily use.

Say bye to misplaced timetables, Scheduling errors, and confusion. It’s about taking back authority over your timetable and turning 2024 into your most successful year to date. Now let’s get started. A calendar application is an innovative program that facilitates the handling and scheduling of your events, meetings, and timetables. Consider it to be a virtual version of an analog calendar that lets you examine and organize your time-sensitive tasks in a matter of inches.

Why Should You Use the Best Calendar Apps?

Probably, there isn’t sufficient time in the day, whether you’re an employee or managing your own company, to get everything done. Using a standard calendar app to record significant life events like company events or even days off is an excellent approach, calendar applications can be used for much more. Best Calendar Apps are immensely useful tools for being organized, on schedule, and saving time. 

Easy to Use:

Best Calendar Apps that involve little scrolling and navigation are easy to use. Without reviewing the help paperwork, you are supposed to be capable of adding events quickly and precisely, viewing what’s next, and planning your calendar.


You can keep track of dates of birth, anniversaries, events, schedules, and time limits by using a calendar app.

Improved scheduling:

 You can better organize your time by planning your week or every day with a virtual calendar tool that lets you schedule tasks and create alerts.


The calendar application can facilitate calendar sharing, appointment and event planning, and collaboration among team members or members of a company.


 The majority of calendar applications let you classify and categorize your schedule, synchronize activities from various applications, and easily distinguish between your own and work-related meetings. 

The top calendar applications that we consider are currently on the market are listed below.

Google Calendar:

You probably already have accessibility and experience with Google Calendar if you’re signed into a Gmail account. This application is one of the best calendar apps and is accessible over the web as well as the company’s operating systems, phones, and PCs. Because of the company’s vast presence, users of iPhones can access hundreds of additional apps for all the major systems. However, if you subscribe to the business-focused Google Workspace, you may access some additional tools.

Best Calendar Apps

Google Schedule is determined by a simple, sophisticated interface to keep your schedule organized, in comparison with competing calendar applications that aim to fit as many details as possible into each space. Although it has a nice look, certain advanced users could have trouble finding every option and functionality they need.

A single day, a couple of days, a full week, a month, and even an entire year can be viewed at once. The fact that Google Calendar is an online app that syncs with all of your devices is by far its greatest strength. This indicates that you will be able to view your calendar with alerts from your PC and cell phone, provided that you are in your Google account.

apple store
  • Make and personalize several calendars for your interests, job, and other activities.
  • By using email or smartphone alerts to get event reminders and notifications so that you can never leave out a crucial meeting or appointment.
  • Keep people informed about the team’s presence and timetable by sharing schedules with them.
  • Connect the service with other Google services to manage calendars and activities on a single service, such as Gmails, Google Meet, and Google’s Tasks.

Subscription Plans: Free 

Outlook Calendar:  Best Calendar Apps

Outlook Calendar is considered to be one of the best calendar apps, an organized calendar that is part of the popular email system Outlook by Microsoft. You can effortlessly and conveniently manage your scheduled events, conferences, and timetables using the Outlook Calendar. Microsoft has made several updates to Outlook Calendar over the years, making it a fantastic tool for individuals as well as professional usage, Here are some of its best attributes. 

Outlook Calendar
  • You can schedule a particular day, location, time, and timeframe for appointments and meetings. Outlook can automatically determine which individuals are available and suggest good meeting times.
  • Automatic meeting invites can be sent from the calendar to people there. Participants may either accept, decline, or suggest a different time for the meeting after receiving an e-mail with all the necessary details.
  • Outlook Calendar additionally enables people to share their timetables with other individuals, making it easier to collaborate and communicate. Certain rights, such as view-only, update, and give access to others.
  • To see your schedule as a whole, you may overlap several calendars. This function comes in handy when managing many calendars at once, like your individual and professional calendars.
  • Outlook Calendar’s mobile app for iOS and Android allows users to manage events for free, including creating and editing events.

Subscription Plans: Free

apple store

Apple Calendar:

Every macOS and iOS device comes pre-installed with the digital calendar program Apple Calendar. It can assist you with managing events, assignments, and scheduling appointments.

Apple’s online calendar is easy to use and evident for users on all of its devices. Apple Calendar can link to other calendars like Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, AOL, Microsoft Outlook, and more in addition to your iCloud account.

Apple Calendar
  • With Apple Calendar, you can see your timetable and assignments in several methods by choosing from the calendar. This facilitates efficient time management and planning.
  • Adding events to Apple Calendar is easy. To complete the event information, including the subject, the spot, and notes as well, simply double-click on the preferred period on the calendar. Reminders and repeating event settings are also available.
  • Because Apple Calendar and iCloud have been linked, you can link the calendar with all of your Apple devices. To allow you to see and manage many calendars in one location, it also assists other services like Microsoft Exchange and Google Calendar.
  • Organic language input makes creating events quick and simple. For instance, if you type in “A Meetup with Chris on Friday at 7 pm,” Apple Calendar will instinctively add the meeting at the appropriate time and date.

Subscription Plan: Free

apple store

Fantastical: Best Calendar Apps

One of the best calendar apps Fantastical is made for the iPhone and iPad, Mac OS.  With the ability to be connected to several other calendar apps as well, this feature-rich software offers an integrated overview of assignments, alerts, and meetings. Although Fantastical is easily available for free, to fully utilize its functions, you’ll need to subscribe to Flexibits the premium version. A pair of premium plans is offered; one is meant for individual individuals and another is intended for teams.


It has several characteristics and functions that make it quite helpful for scheduling and managing your time:

  • Fantastical’s ability to accept built-in language input is one of its best qualities. Fantastical will analyze and construct the event automatically if you only enter or express the event information in basic English.
  • It has intelligent scheduling tools that assist you in determining the most convenient period for events and gatherings. It suggests appropriate meeting times based on your interests, accessibility, and current responsibilities.
  • Fantastical easily connects with all of your current calendar accounts, including Microsoft Exchange, iCloud, and Google Calendar. You can manage all of your calendars in only one place by using its ability to compile information from several sources into a single.
  • Other helpful aspects of this system include:
  • assistance with observations and documents.
  • Integration of mapping for function sites.

Subscription Plans: Free

Individual: 4.75 per month.

Team: 7.50 per month.

Fantastical Best Calendar Apps
apple store

Which calendar applications you should look for?

Look over your genuine needs initially while considering which calendar applications you should download and utilize. A standard calendar is already included in a variety of software applications. I suggest you to use Google Calendar. Google Calendar helps you to organize your routine calendar more easily and also lets you arrange meetings.

Your Google Calendar already has settings and is available for use; the only thing that you require is a Google account. You may use your Calendar to plan your hectic schedule by creating a scheduled objective, goal, or alert. Thus, I have suggested all the best Calendar apps but on my research, Google Calendar is the most suitable option among all of them, and you should use it.


The top applications for calendars:

  • The most useful Calendars application for business is Google Calendar.
  • Users of Microsoft Outlook can use the calendar.
  • A calendar for arranging meetings with other individuals.
  • For Apple users, Apple Calendar is a free preference.
  • Fantastical is very useful in the finest designs.

OneCal is the best option for calendar sync features because of its multi-way synch feature, which enables automated and real-time syncing of different calendars. It is the greatest option for calendar synchronization because of its capabilities, compatibility with Google Calendar and Outlook, and trustworthy, privacy-focused syncs.

Google Calendar’s utilizing features are among its most important benefits. Google calendars may be shared among family and friends as well as colleagues to manage events, appointments, occasions such as birthdays, and other things. 

To add an event, use the Calendar application on an iOS or Android smartphone, then press the “Create +” button. Although there aren’t as many options on mobile, you can always edit the events you create on your smartphone or a computer. When setting up an event, include everyone you would like to attend.


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