Extract Sound from YouTube Most Easy and Effective Ways

extract mp3 from youtube

The most basic way to listen to lessons or to hear something from videos on YouTube over and over is to Extract Sound from YouTube. Because YouTube does not provide a facility for this, you will have to employ another program to extract the audio. Ascertain that it is a reliable software from an independent company. The tool allows you to capture or extract Mp3 from YouTube. This post will explain how to extract sound from a YouTube video.

Extract sound from YouTube video in various file formats, like MOV, MP4, MKV, AVI, WEBM, and others. Just submit your video and save the music as an MP3. Since you can complete the entire procedure online, it is simple to extract soundtrack from YouTube video. You aren’t required to download any applications or extensions, and you do not need to create a user account.

  • Simply, copy the link of the video.
  • Then, open your browser and search Youtube audio extractor or just click the link of the website below.


  • Paste the link of the video as shown and search. 
extract sound from a youtube video
  • It will load your video and give you three choices either you want to grab audio from YouTube video, extract video, or extract muted video.
extract sound from youtube video

Extract Sound from YouTube Using an Online Tool

Forget about capturing a video only to get the audio. Using many tools anyone pull audio from YouTube video, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and a variety of other websites, using only your web browser. Once extracted, save the sound as an MP3 or include it in your own remake of the original film. Simply upload the video file on these tools online and extract sound from YouTube.

Tools Websites



Extract Sound from YouTube

Using a Video to Audio Converter Software or Application

For those who desire high-quality videos from YouTube, you may use a video converter to extract the sound. There are several third-party converters available online. Install any video-to-audio converter software or application on your PC or mobile phone. Then, simply import the video into that software and extract the audio. I would not recommend this method because it is complicated and time-consuming. The first two methods are suitable for a normal user but if you are a professional then you can use a third-party software or app.

For PCs and laptops, you can use VideoProc Converter AI. For smartphones, you can download the apps for both Android and IOS mentioned below. 

Video to Mp3 Converter                                         Media Converter

apple store

Legality Issues YouTube Rules

It is illegal, in accordance with YouTube’s guidelines, to steal, alter, or share videos unless first obtaining permission from the owner. However, there are several sorts of videos on YouTube that you may obtain, and you can extract audio from them.

  • Public Domain: The clips in question are either extremely outdated or the owner has given up their rights. They are no longer owned by anybody, therefore anybody is able to utilize them.
  • Creative Commons: The creators of these videos have granted permission for others to use and distribute them.
  • Copyleft: The creators of these videos have granted permission for others to edit, share, and create new things based on them, in so far as those new items follow the same restrictions.
  • Personal Videos: If you created the videos personally or have permission to use them, you are allowed to utilize them freely.
extract soundtrack from youtube video

Final Thoughts

Extract Sound from YouTube videos might be valuable, but you must do it responsibly by adhering to copyright and licensing restrictions. We discussed ways to obtain sound from a video uploaded to YouTube in this article. When using these methods like these, remember to follow YouTube’s policies and copyright laws.


Yes. Copying sound from YouTube is legal if you subscribe to a YouTube Premium membership. You may also legally download music from the YouTube Studio site. It is permissible to save audio files with an MP3 converter.

To save the clip in the form of MP3, simply copy the link to the clip, paste it into any online audio extractor, hit the save button, and pick Sound in any format.


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