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The process of converting speech into a text or electronic text doc is known as transcription. Transcription assistance is frequently offered for lawful, healthcare, or business purposes. The most common form of Transcription is from a language that is spoken source into text. Voice recognition and other modern technologies have greatly simplified transcribing.

For example, a voice can be recorded using an MP3-based Dictaphone. Transcripts of recordings may be in several media file formats. In a matter of minutes, the recording may be viewed on a computer and transferred to cloud storage spaces. or they are sent to a recipient located across the globe. The top 5 French voice to text best transcription software are as follows:

Notta French Voice To Text

The most reliable free online transcribing tool for automatic transcriber French audio to text is called Notta. With a few actions, you can quickly convert and transcribe French audio files to English, German, and other languages.

French Voice To Text

How to Transcribe?

Upload audio in French

Create a Notta profile and access the Notta Website. Navigate to the homepage, select ‘Import Documents’ from the menu on the right, choose French for the transcription’s language to ensure precision, and afterward press “Choose Documents” to import movies.

Transcribing audio

After you’ve finished submitting your files, transcription will start shortly. 

Depending on how large the file is, it may take some time. Files that are no more than one GB in size can be uploaded to Notta. Compress a file larger than 1 GB before sending it to Notta. Notta will need a few moments to finish transcribing. Clicking Twice on any word or phrase will allow you to get to and rewind the time-stamped audio. Using the Notta smartphone application, the transcriptions may also be transcribed into other languages including English, German, and Spanish.

Export and share

By selecting the ‘Export’ or ‘Share’ controls, you may build a special Address for sharing the transcript online with mates and coworkers. You can additionally export a transcripted version to text, documents, SRT, XLSX spreadsheet, or PDF formats. Click ‘Share’ to make snippets if you only desire to share specific text segments rather than the entire file.

Voiser French Voice To Text

Voiser Transcription allows you to turn voice recordings into text. This process uses Voiser’s artificial intelligence facilities minimizing the need for human oversight. Automatically transcribe your French voice to text so you can just click the resultant text to access them. With Voiser’s artificial intelligence-powered studio, you can transmit your audio recording straight from your browser and get a transcript that is up to 99% accurate.

With our international assistance for more than 75 dialects and languages, including French and English. The produced transcript can also be saved in many file formats, including Word, Excel, Textual content, and Subtitles (.srt).

Voiser transcription software

How to Transcribe?

Upload Audio in French

Uploading the French voice to text is all that is required. Conversations will eventually be converted to text by the service. After that, you can use the Voiser Transcription text editor to quickly fix any errors and download your text in a French voice-to-text format.

Export and Share

Voiser converts the audio data to text, Four times quicker than the typical human. The size of the audio recording determines the time. Simply follow the steps and you’ll be all set. Get a free transcript for ten minutes of speech.

Sonix French Voice To Text

An online transcription service named Sonix can precisely transcribe your French voice to text within minutes. The service is simple and reliable. A French voice-to-text is simple to use. But transcribing technologies now have a considerably greater impact on any organization because of outsourcing and the increasing popularity of French. Transcribing from French voice to text is convenient. Furthermore, there’s there is no need to engage an expert because auto-transcribing programs such as Sonix can now perform the task nearly as precisely as a human.

You can get high-quality transcripts instantly by using a service. With a technology-based tool, tasks that take an individual a while can be completed in just a few minutes. Transcripts can be produced even with large amounts of material because of this unmatched speed.

Sonix transcription software

How to Transcribe?

A French voice-to-text is simple to use. But transcribing technologies now have a considerably greater impact on any organization because of outsourcing and the increasing popularity of French.

Step 1: Upload Audio in French

Step 2: Artificial Intelligence by Sonix

Step 3: Transcript

Step 4: Download

It just requires uploading the French voice to text. The program will ultimately turn conversations into text. After that, you may download your content in a voice-to-text format in French and swiftly correct any problems using the Sonix Transcription text editor.


Producing subtitles and storytelling is easy for the French marketplace by using our French text-to-speech voices. Narakeet offers the greatest voices for French text-to-speech via the internet. Use Narakeet as a French text-to-voice convert your articles and audiobooks, or convert French text to speech into MP3 or MP4 movies online.

You may simply read French text and create French text-to-speech material, such as French voiceover for movies and text-to-speech French speech, with the help of French pronunciation generators available in a variety of local pronunciations.

Narakeet transcription software


You may use Veed to have your French voice-to-text instantly transcribed on the internet. You may also transcribe from French into other languages, including English! You may stop manually transcribing and translating your audio to text using Google Translate as well. With just one click, VEED can handle any type of transcription work, including podcasts, minutes of meetings, interviews, and any other type of video or media material. Obtain reliable transcriptions that need minor editing.  A Text version of your transcription is available for download. With a premium subscription, you can download transcripts indefinitely

veed transcription software


Methods to Transcribe French Voice :

Upload an audio file.

Use VEED to record or submit your audio or video. In the editor, you can additionally drag and drop it.


Produce TranscribingSelect “Auto Subtitle” under “Subtitles.” Next, click “START.” As the video progresses, an automated transcript will be created.

Edit and Save

Tap on the subtitle and begin typing for changes. By selecting from the VEED design options by clicking on “styles,” you can also change the subtitles’ appearance. When you’ve completed the process, export your text transcription by selecting “Options” and then “Download Subtitles” in “.TXT format.”

Absolutely. Google Docs allows you to immediately transcribe audio to text. To wrap up this, start a Google Doc and comply with the steps mentioned below. Proceed to ‘Tools,’ choose ‘Voice Typing,’ and choose the desired language.

With Sonix, you can instantly convert your French audio-to-text and also video files to text by using an online transcription service that works automatically. Quick, precise, and budget-friendly. 

You can obtain your transcription using VEED in a few moments. To begin translating, simply submit an MP3, WAV, M4A, or MP4 file, obtain the transcription, and begin. 


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