Select the Best Audiogram Generator for You in 2024

Audiogram Generator

Each podcaster has faced the following dilemma: despite the fact that their podcast is exclusively audio, they must produce visually appealing content for social media promotion. Although it is possible to generate a static image incorporating quotations from the episode, it may prove challenging to engage the attention of a current social media audience. Today, videos are everything; however, how do you convert your audio podcast into a snackable video? Undoubtedly, the response is audiogram generator.

This article will provide an in-depth explanation of audiograms and a comparison of the top 3 audiogram generators in order to assist you in selecting the best one.

What Exactly an Audiogram is?

An audiogram is a modified animated waveform of an audio segment coming from an audio podcast episode superimposed on an image. A video is the final deliverable, which can subsequently be spread across numerous social media platforms.

Audiograms give podcasters the chance to expand their audience and market their podcast through the utilization of social media features.

Furthermore, with the increasing recognition of the audiogram’s efficacy, a growing number of resources are becoming accessible to assist podcasters in producing these engagement-rich segments independently.

Top 3 Audiogram Generator

Headliner Audiogram Generator

Headliner is an additional widely used method for producing audiogram online. Additionally, Headliner can assist you in producing captivating videos that are suitable for all platforms. The intuitive interface permits the creation of remarkable audiograms, the transcription of audio and video, and the addition of text animations; consequently, the quality of the clips will be phenomenal. Additionally, the application supports the exportation of two-hour maximum full-length videos, making it ideal for viral videos on YouTube.

audiogram creator

Furthermore, Headliner possesses an abundance of audiogram charts. It will transcribe the sound and add subtitles to the clips automatically. (An additional interesting fact is that you may make the podcast easier to understand by including captions on your audiograms, in addition to enabling viewers to experience your content without audio. Look to this article for additional information: Free Tools to Transcribe Podcast 

  • Additionally, you can modify your waveforms and employ a variety of additional entertaining animations.
  • The Forever Free plan provides the ability to transcribe ten minutes of material every month and generate a maximum of five unwatermarked recordings each month (anything beyond 5 will be watermarked).
  • An essential paid plan costs $7.99 each month and grants access to customization options such as font selection and custom watermarks. The Pro version, which costs $19.99 per month, provides the aforementioned in addition to an unlimited library of videos.


Possibly the best location to begin would be with an organization known as Audiogram. Captions are transcribed automatically, templates are expertly designed, and there are tools available to personalize the audiogram in accordance with the style guide of your brand.  

audiogram maker

I was required to establish an account in order to obtain fundamental information regarding video limitations.

  • Additionally, the maximum duration of your videos is 2 minutes and 20 seconds, which means this audiogram creator cannot be used to convert entire recordings.
  • Their Free Plan permits the downloading of transcribed captions for a maximum of two videos per month; however, the videos are watermarked with Audiogram, and HD versions are not available for download. On the free plan, transcribed captions are restricted to sixty seconds.
  • The $19/month Pro Plan in this audiogram maker provides access to fifteen clips without watermarks, although they are not yet in HD quality. On the Pro plan, transcribed captions are restricted to 2 minutes and 20 seconds.
  • Lastly, their $29/month Elite Plan provides access to 30 HD videos without watermarks. Additionally, transcribed captions on an Elite package are restricted to 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

Personal Experience with this Audiogram Generator

I find the product to be satisfactory overall, but I cannot justify the pricing structure. Paying between $0.96 and $1.26 per video or upgrading to the most expensive plan in order to create 30-second videos does not seem like a good value.

Wavve Audiogram Generator

Using Wavve Audiogram Creator, a desktop application, podcast creators can convert the podcast’s audio into “snackable” content that is effortlessly consumable on social media. This application empowers you to generate social videos that generate greater engagement and exposure for your brand and content by utilizing simple audio content. 

audiogram online
  • Wavve simplifies the process of adding captions to audiograms.
  • The plan they offer for free includes a single minute of video each month, which is branded with the Wavve logo.
  • The premium plans from Wavve cost between $10 and $32 per month, which is reasonable considering the price range. However, each plan is limited to 10,320 minutes of content each month.

My Personal Experience

The best audiogram generator for you will depend heavily on your own preferences. From the outside, the items could seem to be very identical; but, unless you give them a try, you will never know which one you like most.

Lucky for you, you can try out all of these audiogram producers’ products risk-free with their free trials. If you want to start using the podcast for social media, you should attempt all of them.

Bonus Tip: You can make an audiogram for free using Canva if you have some editing skills.


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